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I'm uh, still reading about it, and even just as I was reading and trying to find out which version I have - without actually opening the program because holy crappola - Windows Defender displayed behind-the-scenes scan results saying it found an CCleaner. I'm not sure what to tell anyone as far as "what to do" because I don't know the answer to that.

ETA, 9-20-17: Current recommendations are to either use System Restore to roll back your system to a time before CCleaner 5.33 (32-bit) was installed, or else to "refresh" (Windows 10) or completely re-install your copy of Windows.


It's a backdoor called Backdoor:Win32/Floxif that's been in the wild since CCleaner v.5.33 released in August of 2017. ETA, 9-20-17: But it affects 32-bit versions of CCleaner only. You can tell which version you have by opening CCleaner and looking in the top left corner, where it will say if it's 32-bit or 64-bit.

Signalbost: CCleaner has been hacked

Time to reinstall my OS, if the fucking backdoor hasn't already destroyed our ability to do so...ETA, 9-20-17: and I did just that. It didn't destroy our ability to do so, at least not as far as I can tell.

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Amount of posts to add new image links to: 89 (some of these are imgur photo swaps because I don't trust them, either, and some are to edit out links to an image because it was lost or is no longer being made available) so say there are still around 80 posts to swap Photobucket images out of.

Dreamwidth's uploader lets you beam the server as many images as you like, so I fed it a bit north of 260 of them. At once. After deleting under 20 images and noting that another 20 won't be included in my posts, that still leaves about 220 image links to replace across 80 entries I've written.

And it's taken me the better part of a few weeks just to get this far because a) I don't feel like it, b) I got too busy on eBay up until I had to end all my sales early because of the fucking storm, 3) the storm, plus d) see a).

We don't have a link rewriter to automate this mess, so before I do anything I might campaign for it via Support request*, after checking to see if anyone else put in for one besides Steve from LJ (whose request was summarily rejected a few months ago), then check the web for any scripts that might help me get anything done here.

*ETA, 9-15-17: I put this into a Suggestion rather than a support request, since Support isn't set up to handle feature requests, and that's all this really is.

ETA2, 9-16-17: I've since posted two more (closely related) Suggestions. Considering the parent suggestion's topic matter, if one gets tossed they probably all will, yippee.

ETA3, 9-16-17: I've been trying (as I mentioned in my last Suggestion) to find a screen scraper to grab links to images I downloaded from Photobucket and uploaded last night to Dreamwidth, but there's not a one that's gonna work, or at least not without getting me ToSed, mostly because Dreamwidth doesn't make a public-facing, per-user image directory available for this (or any other) purpose. I'd almost hire someone to do what I'll have to do instead, but 1) my privacy and 2) that'd probably also get me ToSed. I just aaaarrggh.

ETA4, 9-16-17: Minutes after my last ETAs it hit me why, above all, I can't use Dreamwidth to host my Photobucket images: because DW changes the original file name on every image to a random number, so there's no pattern-matching/find-and-replace to either find the image in Dreamwidth's Manage Images interface nor to easily find its match to swap out with in the entry. So I'll just upload my Photobucket album to Anti-AOL on Wordpress (my Plan B to begin with) and do this whole thing from there.

Because I've got to get it done.

I could post yet another Suggestion at this point saying more or less, "Oh and btw can DW plz stop swapping out image names for like, random numbers because it's messing up my project" but it's too late now (for me, not for others who might be affected by this issue in the future) plus I think I've about used up my Suggestion-fu for the month week day. I need to just get my ransomed images fixed already, then maybe...

ETA5, 9-16-17: after taking a break to make tuna pasta salad from scratch, because yum, I decided to roll "don't rename image files" - along with "add a search box" - into an existing Suggestion (my second one, with a request my rewrite be released from queue instead of its predecessor). And I'm not trying to stay up all night (yeah, for once, right) so I'll pick up again on this tomorrow, maybe.

In retrospect, I'm sort of glad I waited this long to look into moving my images, because I either never had the time or else the presence of mind before to dive this deep into why DW's image hosting is or isn't workable for moving images from another host. It really isn't, but it seems most of its issues could easily be remedied...problem is, there are so many ways to fix various issues or shortcomings in the service I really had a hard time choosing which to give preference to, so I just submitted all of them. :/

August 2017

Friday, 15 September 2017 00:06
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August 2017

Tuesday 01- 102 to 82 lots of clouds, thunder and lightning, but no rain here just high humidity.

I did my stretches, but too humid to do much else of anything.

I have emailed my book to Rich and he will edit it giving me some time to get things together here at the house and work my vehicles. I think I’ll get the Harley and my Zuma 50 working again and registered. The Mini Cooper will have to wait.

I did my laundry and hung it all out to dry. There was so much moisture in the air that after 5 hours they were still damp despite the heat.

I finished putting my most recent poems and going back to 2015 into “Azure Sea of Dreams” and I will edit it this time and publish the book to handout to friends and family if they’re interested. Maybe even sell a few, but not to my friends. I’m giving myself a month to get it edited and published.

Wednesday 02- 101 to 71 with dark clouds, heavy showers, and lots of lightning and thunder later in the night.

I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, punch the heavy bag, and jogged a mile.

The humidity is really bad, so I’ll tinker around the house and work on some of my writing projects.

I replaced the Windows 7 hard drive on my Panisonic Toughbook CF-30 and replaced it with a new 120GB Sandisk SSD and loaded Linux Mint Cinnamon onto it. Win7 was such a hog compared to Mint and with the SSD drive it really zips along.

Thursday 03- 95 to 79 rain and lightning in the afternoon.

I did my stretches and took Cassie and Barney for a one mile jog; it was finally cool enough to take them when I woke up.

Replaced spark plugs in both generators and fired them up and let them run for a short spell. The new spark plug in the cheap 2 stroke generator really improved its startup; instead of 20 pulls it only took me 4.

I pulled out the fuel pump from of the Zuma 50 scooter and tested it and was found to be no good; I ordered a new one on eBay.

I came across these the other day and decided to order a Suspension Front Fork for my Sondors Ebike and get rid of the rigid fork; without a front suspension on these dirt roads of ours makes my brain rattle inside my head.

I took the dogs for a nice long walk tonight, so they had a jog and a walk all in one day... they be happy dogs. I exercised with the 10lb dumbbells, 50 situps, and punched the heavybag for a spell

Friday 04- 102 to 74 clouds.

I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, punch the heavy bag, and jogged a good mile.

I worked putting in a new fencepost. The old one had rotted away at the bottom and was propped up by 2X4s. It has a gate that I couldn’t use or the whole thing would fall down. I spent some time digging out the old cement and enlarging the new hole for the post. I might have been a little overheated when I grabbed a bag of stucco mix instead of the cement and had to shovel it all out of the wheelbarrow and start over again. After about two hours of working I had it all done except I need to wait for the cement to set before I put the wire fence onto it. I took a cold hose shower to cool off when I was all done.

I took the dogs out for a nice evening walk and came back to do my sit ups and punch the heavybag for a spell.

Saturday 05- 102 to 80 sunny.

I did my stretches, yoga, sit ups, punch the heavy bag, and jogged a good mile.

The concrete on the fencepost had hardened and I was able to get the turkey wire and the barbed wire off the old one and connect it to the new post. I punctured my palm just under the thumb when I lost my balance and planted my hand on the roll of barbed wire... dang it hurt, I had a choice to either brace myself with the hand or falling flat on my face. I am putting bandaids on my shopping list.

I drew something and practiced my guitar.

I took Cassie and Barney out for a long evening walk. We saw a small tiny itsy bitsy yellow snake. It was so small I thought one of the dogs got to it and bit it off. It stopped in the middle of the road as if challenging us and just as fast squirmed off the road and climbed into a bush as me and the dogs watched. When I got home I looked it up and the snake is called a Mohave Shovel-nosed Snake Chionactis occipitalis occipitalis.  I did sit ups and punched the heavybag for a spell.

I read 20 minutes each in four books trying to catch up from where I left off in February: Astronomy 365 Starry Nights; Geology; Meteorology; coding Python; History.

Sunday 06- 102 to 79 degrees with a few clouds.

I did my stretches, jogged a good mile, did some sit ups, exercised with the 20lb dumbbells, and punched the heavybag.

I did some cleaning of the house, read my astronomy book and drew a picture of a fence with barbed wire strung on it. I talked to friends and family for a spell getting caught up. I setup the Raspberry Pi computer and began to learn the Python coding language starting with the Linux console commands.

I took the dogs for a nice long evening walk. Barney has trouble with the heat so we wait for the sun to be low in the sky. We had just completed our walk and resting outside in the front yard when a new neighbor walked by with her little dog called Brody. Her name is Kjtel and she had worked at Mattel Toys as I did, but at a different time. We talked for a spell and she invited me and the dogs to walk to her house she bought from my friend Joyce. It was a nice evening to sit outside and yammer on about this and that. It is very nice to meet a new neighbor in the desert; we all have our reasons for being out here.

When we returned home I did sit ups and punched the heavybag for a spell.

I read 20 minutes each in Geology; Meteorology; History.

Monday 07- 102 to 79

I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, punch the heavy bag, and jogged a good mile. I took a hose shower when I was done... ah it felt so good cooling off.

I read some of the astronomy book, drew a picture of a hill, and then went and started up the Pi and wrote a few simple commands in Python.

I read 20 minutes each in Geology; Meteorology; History.

I took the dogs for a nice evening walk. Found a package delivered by OnTrac a day early! It was my Harley manuel. I did sit-ups and punched the heavybag for a spell.

Practiced playing my guitar. My fingers need to get callused all over again from not playing for months.

I worked a little bit on book 2 of “Upon Ashen Roads”...

Tuesday 08- 104 to 78 degrees.

I did my stretches, jogged a good mile, did sit-ups and hit the heavybag, and then some yoga.

I received my new bedside desk to replace the old one that broke. I use it with the computer to type in bed; lazy me...

I got calls from many good friends and family to tell me happy birthday. I like replying to each FaceBook birthday wishes too.

I took the dogs for a walk and did sit-ups and punched the heavybag when we got back home.

I finally got the new table put together and placed my laptop on its new home.  

Wednesday 09- 105 to 77 sunny.

I did my stretches, jogged a good mile, did sit-ups and hit the heavybag.

UPS delivered my front suspension for my Sondors Ebike early, so I’ll go to 29 Palms post office and pick up the fuel pump for my scooter. Stopped off on my way back at Stater Bros. and picked up some supplies and chicken to share with the dogs.

I assembled the fuel pump, put it back in the scooter and after a while the dang thing started! I pulled out a foldable chair and this big old humongous yellow scorpion came falling out... scared the dickens out of me.

I took the dogs for a walk and then did some set-ups and punched the heavybag for a spell.

Thursday 10- 106 to 79

I did my stretches, jogged a good mile, did sit-ups, exercised with the 10lb dumbbells and hit the heavybag.

I worked on the scooter and it wouldn’t idle without my large 12V battery connected (the bike’s battery is dead); the motor would studder and die. Part of the problem why my battery didn’t charge was the conversion to dual headlights. I took out the conversion and put in the old wiring setup and the motor idled just fine. I need a new battery before I ride it... Tried to start the Harley, but it didn’t want to. I’ll have to look into it later because me and the dogs need to go for a walk.

Friday 11- 101 to 81 with rain, lightning and thunder!

I did my stretches, jogged a good mile, did sit-ups, and hit the heavybag for a spell.

The storm made me change my plans for today. I need to catch up on my editing of my book... Richard already edited 6 chapters and I only today completed 3 of the chapters he edited.

I took the dogs for their walk and did my sit-ups and punched the heavybag.

I completed chapter 4 late tonight.

Saturday 12- 105 to 80 degrees hazy.

I did my stretches... just too pooped out from all the exercising and reading and editing and working on vehicles.

I did get the Harley to start, so I’m going to be working on this now.

I took the dogs for their walk and stayed outside and saw 8 meteors and two tumbling flashing satellites before the Moon came up in the east.

Something crawled across me in bed late at night... I was so tired I just ignored it.

Sunday 13- 102 to 79 clear.

I did my stretches, jogged a good mile, did sit-ups, and hit the heavybag for a spell.

At 5:30pm I left for the poetry reading. I read my poem “Hoofprints in the Sky”.

Afterwards I went to get a burrito across the street and ended up at a rally in support for Charlottesville.

On the way home I picked up a hitchhiker named Dan and dropped him off on the corner of Winters Rd where he lives.

Monday 14- 99 to 68 lots of late afternoon smoke from the Banning fire.

I did my stretches, jogged a good mile, did sit-ups, exercised with the 10lb dumbbells and hit the heavybag.

I went to the doctors in 29 Palms to drop off a form he needs to sign. While there I went to Autozone and bought me a battery for the Scooter.

When I went to put the battery into the Scooter and found the two bolts were missing. I called Autozone and told them to save the bolts from the core I left there. I hunted around the backyard and found an old battery and used those bolts to connect the battery and get it started; started and ran fine. I also put the recharged battery in the Harley and got her started and running for a while.

I took the dogs for their walk and did my sit-ups and punched the heavybag.

Tuesday 15- 97 to 71 and clear.

I did my stretches, jogged a mile, sit-ups, punched the heavybag, and then yoga.

I went to start the Harley and the battery was dead, so I ordered a new one online. Rode the Scooter around the neighborhood for a spell.

I worked on the 12Volt system for the house. I cleaned all the corrosion off the terminals.

I took the dogs for their walk and did my sit-ups and punched the heavybag.

I drew a design or squiggle. I read 20 minutes each in Astronomy; Geology; Meteorology; History. I practiced my guitar.

Read over chapter 5 and 6 that I received back from Rich.

Wednesday 16- 95 to 74 and clear.

I did my stretches, jogged a good mile, did sit-ups, punched the heavybag, and exercised with the 10lbs dumbbells.

I dug a trench and laid the pipes for the drain for my new washer. Got it all covered up and replaced the stepping stones. All looks well.

I got a call from the doctor’s office that he signed the form I needed and they’d be open till 4pm... it was 3pm when I got the call so I drove down, picked it up and mailed it away at the post office in 29 Palms.

I took the dogs for their walk and did my sit-ups and punched the heavybag.

Read over chapter 7 and 8 that I received back from Rich.

I drew a picture of some hills; at least that’s what I told myself. I read 20 minutes each in Astronomy; Geology; Meteorology; History. I practiced my guitar.

Thursday 17- 99 to 76 clear skies.

I did my stretches, jogged a mile, sit-ups, punched the heavybag, and then yoga.

I cleaned up the Harley getting most of the grime off her after sitting for a few years.I cleaned her up today and she still looks good.
I'm getting a new battery next week. Need to change the oil and filter, probably get new spark plugs, ​get headlight working (got an electrical problem somewheres)
It starts up and idles after it's hot, but barely... Need to adjust.
I have a magnum rear rim with tire mounted I need to put on to replace the spoke rim. Looking for a magnum for the front. Lots of work... I feel like I let my baby down :(
I'll make it up to her. She may be only an 883 but I had her up to 105 with a bit more throttle left...

Friday 18- 102 to 75 hazy.

I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, punch the heavy bag, and jogged a good mile.

It was cool enough to took the dogs for an evening jog about a mile. I did sit-ups and punched the heavybag.

Saturday 19- 101 to 75 clear.

I did my stretches, jogged a good mile, did sit-ups, exercised with the 20lb dumbbells and hit the heavybag.

I did something in between, but I forget what it was I did.

I took the dogs for their walk and did my sit-ups and punched the heavybag.

Sunday 20- 100 to 75 and clear.

I did my stretches and got myself ready to go to the improv and comedy workshop.  

I arrived a little bit before 1pm at the Rainbow Stew Bookstore where the workshop took place in the backroom. Tami Wood and Bob Rufer were our hosts and taught us many idea about how to do improv and write comedy by acting them out. My new friend Piper I met at the poetry reading was also there.

Afterwards I went to WalMart to get a few supplies and oil for the Harley. Then went to Home Depot to buy some potting soil. Then went home to share the whole broiled chicken with my doggies and took them for a walk.

Monday 21- 99 to 74

I got up at the ungodly hour of 6:30am and decided not to go back to sleep because I didn’t want to oversleep and miss the eclipse at 10:16am... I did my stretches and got myself cleaned up and ready to go. I was meeting my new neighbor and her friends up at The Sky’s The Limit Observatory by the 29 Palms National Park entrance. I arrived there at 9:30 and the parking lot was already full and cars were parked all along the road; it took me ten minutes to walk to the observatory. My neighbor texted me saying her and her friends would be a no show, that’s alright with me because I was able to meet some interesting people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. They were all out of the special glasses to view the eclipse so I wandered around the place looking for a telescope to look through. There were long lines at all of them except one that a lady in a blue dress standing at alone. I went up and asked her if I could look through her scope. We got to talking and I told her the observatory had run out of glasses; she had a spare pair and gave them to me. Then she asked if I wouldn’t mind being interviewed. She turned out to be news reporter Lauren Coronado of KESQ Channel 3 out of Palm Springs. So I was going to be on TV!

I took a great deal of pictures and meet a lot of nice people. An acquaintance of mine I met at the improv and comedy workshop yesterday came up to me to say hi... it was comedian Bob Rufer. We talked for a spell and I took a few pics to email to him later. When the partial eclipse was at its max the air grew cooler and darker like being under the shade of a tree or cloud; it was quite noticeable. I believe the eclipse was around 70 to 75 percent, depending on who you talked to. After this event was over I went up to the park entrance and got a life long pass to all the national parks because I was over 62 years. It only cost me ten dollars, but will go up to eighty on the 28th of Aug... so I got lucky I went when I did!

Tuesday 22- 102 to 78

I did my stretches, yoga, sit-ups, punched the heavybag, and then jogged a good mile.

Stopped over at my new neighbor’s house to say howdy and we jawed for a spell.

I took the dogs for an evening jog; they were raring to go.

Wednesday 23- 102 to 76 with a few clouds.

I did my stretches, core trainer, weight bench, punch the heavy bag, and jogged a good mile.

I did the poop patrol finally... dogs were happy about it.

UPS delivered my new 12VDC/120AC 49 refrigerator. I need to get a 12VDC regulator to run off of the battery because solar panels are charging at a higher voltage... I believe.

Took the dogs for a walk to my new neighbor’s home for dinner.

Thursday 24- 101 to 70 with a few clouds. Looks like it be warming up.

I did my stretches.

I got the 12VDC refrigerator running on 12VDC after getting the solar controller with a regulated 12VDC load outlet. I spent a few hours getting and losing parts here and there and finally finding them again. I did try the refrigerator on my truck cigarette lighter and it worked just fine.

I went to the post office to get the Harley battery I ordered. I was going to put it in and fire it up getting it hot and then change the oil, but I spent so much time on the refrigerator I just didn’t have the chance with the heat and all; I was dang tired.

I took the dogs for a walk.

Wrote up a dedication page, about the author, and other books by the author for “Upon Ashen Roads”.

Friday 25- 104 to 80

I did my stretches and exercised with the 20lb dumbbells.

I started cleaning the computer room getting rid of some old stuff not needed anymore.

I took the dogs for a walk with my neighbor and her little dog.

Saturday 26- 108 to 73

I did my stretches, jogged a mile, exercised with the 20lbs dumbbells, did set-ups and punched the heavybag.

I cooked up some rice and got ready for our potluck and memorial for Tim Atzei.

Rich Soos called to say he had three copies of the book printed and ready to do an edit read of it. I went down and met him at Space Cowboy books to pick up my copy to proofread.

I then picked up Chris and her potluck supplies and took her to the community center where we setup the tables and got everything ready.

I wrote the following for Annelies column for the Hi-Desert Star Newspaper:

“Over 35 folks showed up for the Tim Atzei Memorial Potluck. All his Mesa Friends and a few members from Tim’s church attended. Bobbie Flint wrote up a really beautiful eulogy, but forgotten her reading glasses. Annelies Kuiper volunteered to read the story of Tim’s life; Tim’s childhood friend actor Anson Williams who played Potsie on “Happy Days” TV series modelling the character after Tim; Tim’s goals, accomplishments, and his devout religious beliefs. Tim’s eulogy and remembrance bringing happy tears to the whole audience as it was being read. And then Annelies, David King, and Bobbie Flint said a few heartfelt words of their own mentioning Tim’s unpretentious demeanor and devotion to our little community and being Secretary of our Association for many years. Afterwards a member of Tim’s church played guitar and sang a lovely song accompanied by other church members while our usually noisy group of desert denizens sat quietly in their chairs and solemnly listened.

The food was first-rate; I believe everyone who brought a dish to share went far and above to make this potluck memorial for Tim a memorable event.”

Afterwards I went to a stargazing party up at Sky’s the Limit Observatory. Bob Rufer met me there as planned.

Sunday 27- 109 to 84

The weather was already hot by the time I woke up so I just did my stretches.

I am in the continual process of clearing out the rubble that’s getting in my way of getting things done. My computer room/pantry has been the focus of this clearing out ever since I hooked up my new 12VDC refrigerator in there; I spent most of my looking, finding and losing again tools and other items to connect the dang thing.

I visited my new neighbor and had coffee and jawed for a couple of hours. It’s nice to have neighbors as long as they are not too nearby.

Monday 28- 108 to 82 with a surprise cloudburst at 3:40PM

I did my stretches.

I called the Vizio service number about the dang TV not turning. I was to there was nothing he could do because it was out of warranty by six months. I told him I only watched it a few times (mostly a few episodes of Sherlock) in that period and there it sat for a year. So the rep had me try a few things to see if I could get it to start up again; it didn't. Since it was 6 months out of warranty I was basically out of luck. The service rep wanted me to call another number to have a repair person come out... this would probably cost me more than the TV is worth. So I tossed it in the trash, I was so mad I threw a rock at it to break the screen. Another waste of my money and time. I won’t buy any product from this company. I’ll buy a Sony or another quality manufacturer...

I called up AAA to cancel the policy on the Mini Cooper until I get it fixed; I have it on non-op now.

Had a storm pass through and it rained and the wind blew really hard, but it only lasted about 10 to 15 minutes.

I took the dogs out for a walk and when we got back I edited 3 chapters of the paperback.

Tuesday 29- 109 to 83 with a few clouds.

I did my stretches and jogged a mile; the heat and humidity was a little too much for anything else.

I worked getting rid of old files and papers no longer needed.

I took the dogs for a quick walk.

Wednesday 30- 108 to 81 and cloudy.

Because of the heat and humidity I only did my stretches.

I continued to toss away old files and papers; it’s a slow process

I took the doggies for a nice walk after keeping them cooped up in the house because of the hot and humid weather.

I edited chapter 7 of the new paperback.

Thursday 31- 105 to 80

I did my stretches and exercised with the 20lb dumbbells.

I finished editing all 16 chapters of the paperback version on “Upon Ashen Roads” finding a few errors here and there. Seems it's easier reading and editing the paperback than on a computer screen.

Took the dogs out for their evening walk.

*************** Stuff I wrote this Month **************

It's Magic... that's what it is, the magic that the world presents to you, that drives you to be boundless.


Lost, anguish, betrayal! Besieged by torrents of pain creep my mind everlasting. Oh rest thee dark spirits so I may sleep.


Sometimes I feel I live in my own little world away from the everyday politically over zealous drama from both sides people seem to be involved in these days. I say let them have their delusions, just leave me alone to my own fantasies and don't complain if I don't take sides. There are other methods to make change... one of those is to embrace life and live in the moment.



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I can't imagine how else they'll sell the base on auditing everyone eligible for the EITC (Earned Income Tax Credit) except to tell them:

"There they are, cruising 'round in their Cadillacs with those heavy Gucci bags back to their McMansions to rest on their big, fancy couches with their 104 inch, 4000K TVs blasting away in their faces, eating some crab legs. Meanwhile, hard-working people like YOU are just scraping by!"

I could see this as the thing that makes the plug-and-play "base" stomp and howl and chant, "Lock 'em up!" at Trumpanado's next barnstorming. Of course, half the people at the rally would have be locked up, too, but whatever; never let facts get in the way of a good hate-in, is what I say.

Before anyone asks, it rained for about 14 hours. We're at a slight elevation so it wasn't too bad. Wind held steady between "blowing branches off trees" and "knocking them over" (including one down the road that took our power out around 6:30am, so at least it wasn't like we were in the pitch black dark while debris made terrifying landings on the roof all night). I jammed earplugs in and slept through most of it, because I didn't want to know.

I made my own ice blocks using gallon ziploc bags the day before, and today we found a store with some ice, then the power cut back on a few hours later, so food loss was pretty minimal.

The hardest part was not knowing: as of 9pm last night Irma was supposed to hit as a Cat 3 or 4, so I was fairly anxious, even apologizing to Bowie, who's even more terrified of debris hitting the roof than I am, which by then it already was.

But Irma was downgraded via push notification to a tropical storm shortly thereafter. I could not believe my eyes, so I spent another hour checking my radar app, my news app, NOAA,, the latest on the Post, the Times and the local news, then, satisfied this was probably not End Times In My Neighborhood, just tried to get some sleep.


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