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Name:Written By Hand
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Community description:it's fairly self-explanatory - we write entries by hand.

it's fairly self-explanatory - we write entries by hand.

[] submit anything you've written in the past or make a new entry with pen, pencil, marker, charcoal, chalk, paint, lipstick, etc.
[] snap a picture of it.
[] upload to your pic host...
[] and post it here!
[] anonymous "post secret" confessions are allowed (just follow guidelines below before posting).

[] please put entries NSFW behind a cut and tag them "NSFW". (i.e. entries that contain drawn nudity, swear words, etc.)
[] please apply all applicable tags to your entries. This makes it more fun to browse the community.
[] do not use this community to spam. Entries will be removed and members banned on the first offense, no exceptions.
[] do not use this community to stalk or threaten members or non-members either directly or indirectly. Any upload that makes anyone feel even remotely uneasy will be removed immediately without warning. The offending poster may also be banned.
[] comments on entries are welcome (commenting must be on for all uploads). Please be kind. Trolling will not be not tolerated.
[] you can post your own, original, safe-for-work artwork (no NSFW artwork except for basic nudes and nothing outside of your own copyright; swear words are allowed) as long as there's at least one handwritten (or hand-painted, or penciled in, if it's a sketch) sentence that's been naturally integrated into it.

additional tips and information
+ post anything - poetry, letters, writing fragments, funny lists, songs, freestyle jams, handwritten raps, post-secret confessions, text-filled sketches, your own original cartoons, diary entries - whatever you desire.
+ it doesn't have to be long. It doesn't even have to work out to a full sentence (or be written in full sentences), unless your post features your own original artwork. So get creative with one-word entries, too!
+ please message me to suggest new posting ideas or anything else you have in mind.
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